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Beyond that, since the media conference call telling everyone that he was going to work for the administration, Penn has been, according to his Twitter account, busy.

By very nature of his celebrity, Penn’s position, like the announcement that he was joining the White House, will be extremely high profile — a height the 32-year old actor has found himself at for the last few years."The suicide of his character on House was quite shocking," Inouye says, "so everyone thought there should be a bit of timely delay before he takes up work for the administration Though directly recommended by the White House, Penn’s representative did not respond to requests from The Wrap on Penn and his plans.Undoubtly, however, part of those plans surely involved relocating from the West Coast to D. and, as almost everyone who goes into public service learns, taking a hefty pay cut."Though we look forward to him joining the team, Kal is not working for the administration at this time," Shin Inouye, White House director of Specialty Media told The Wrap.In fact, Penn has no official start date with the Obama administration.

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American tabloids recently reported Kal Penn’s companion was pregnant after she sported what some interpreted to be a ‘baby bump’.

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