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The parameters of signal acquisition (sample ratio and length) and parameters of chart (Y-Axis scaling) can be adjusted at runtime.example is based on my own application to truck temperature, humidity and air pressure from different sources.Advanced analysis can be done in Labview nowadays and more and more data acquisition can be done using Matlab.I am going to present some ideas to do a form of realtime processing in Matlab.Another good idea is to limit the size of all variables (please note the usage of uint8).AWind - Arduino window library Degtiarev/AWind.While I am sure Lab VIEW is appropriate for something, I have yet to find it. But my point is, I am now reasonably proficient in Lab VIEW basics and still have no idea how people manage to get things coded in Lab VIEW without wanting to tear their hair out.

Multi-processing and multi-threading hardware is exploited automatically by the built-in scheduler, which multiplexes multiple OS threads over the nodes ready for execution.

So I must code in Lab VIEW as an inheritor of legacy code.

With a computer engineering background, I find that having to develop in Lab VIEW fills me with dread. , easy GUI elements for changing parameters and getting displays, and…………well I’m sure there are a few other things.

I also minimize all my calls to graphics by only updating the data, not the figure or the axes.

xlabel or title are very slow functions for instance, so you should call them only once.

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Provides simple way of creating GUI for TFT-touch and OLED displays.

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