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Lane ventured into the realm of occasional tables in 1951.Growth came again in 1956 with the introduction of case goods & in 1965 accent pieces were created under the Lane name.You may need to do a routine search on the internet for your piece in order to determine an appropriate value. This is a page about finding the value of a Lane cedar chest.I have a Lane cedar chest that belonged to my mother.If you find a table you’d like to invest in, determine the seriousness of the burn.If the burn is deep, you will need to consult a furniture repair shop for refinishing (and this means you’ll want to pay less to get it so you can account for this added expense).Two numbers are marked #481073 (I think) and the serial number is #735260.The outside condition would be considered poor, but the inside is in very good condition and still smells very good. There is NOT an exact match to yours on e Bay either in current or sold so I can't give you a value today.

As with all good things, Lane Furniture started with a bit of imagination and investment.

Once you find a wax polish you like, stick with it.

Often times switching between wax or oil-based polishes can cause cloudiness or streaking.

If you compare yours to a one that is not identical, you could end up miss-valuing your piece and getting too little or having it sit for sale for months with no lookers.

I recommend checking e Bay or Google for the furniture auction houses to find examples of SOLD ones to get your exact value.

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Cause A Frockus would like to thank our tremendous resources: Wikipedia, the wonderful people who post their imagery on Wikipedia Commons without restriction, and Lane Furniture’s very helpful website:

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