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(I’ve noticed that these kinds of settings are basically nonexistent among choicescript games lol).Currently, there are ~14000 words, which is around 10-20% of the content. Synopsis: Your name is Karen Zhao, and you’ve just been signed up by your parents for a beauty pageant.You’re not ready, not even close, but you don’t have a choice. Maybe it’s the one opportunity to create a hook for your college applications.

I’m on Mobile and the game doesn’t seem to work to well so I’ll try later on my laptop. Representation was part of the reason I wrote this story (there are few stories about these sorts of experiences in any media).

Emily Short’s Bee was the main inspiration for my design (and honestly if you’ve played Bee then my game will look like a total ripoff lol). I am, however, left wondering as to what the name of the pageant is and what is the prize. Does Miss Choice earn 00 in scholarship money which can only apply to her school funds? Oh, and most pageants do have practices that you are supposed to attend with your fellow contestants where they coach you on how to write your platform, practice interview questions, learn walking patterns for evening gown and swimsuit/fitness routine, etc.

Is it the Miss Choice City Scholarship Competition or is it the Miss Choice High School Beauty Pageant? Oh and the diversity of the area one is in obviously reflects the makeup of the contestants.

It deliberately eschews most of the Co G house style; the player character’s background and personality are fixed, and she’s probably not going to be a self-insert for the player.

She’s not just an introvert, but also suffers from an (undiagnosed) anxiety disorder, and probably other mental illnesses.

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But I certainly hope it’s not the only thing going for the story, otherwise the audience size is… The game works on mobile for me (firefox and chrome on android).

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