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So I confront him and then all I get back is a “hm”. I ask him to ask his parents if it’s okay for me to come over but he doesn’t ask until the last minute. I see him in person and he treats me great and like everything Is completely wonderful.Then the week starts again and he starts doing the same stuff again. I’m always the one that has to say “I love you” first. He just seems so distant and rude and like he really just doesn’t care at all.So he started focusing more in school and has refrained from texting me as much.We used to text all day long and then at night he would call me and talk until I got too tired to stay awake.Any suggestions would be fine, and I thank you so much for sparing your time to read and/or respond to this. I got a mutual match on tinder from a guy I’d met briefly in real life.I was looking for casual because I have too much goi on in my life but liked this guy.His not texting back has gotten so bad that I can literally count the amount of texts he’s sent me today on 1 hand. But literally as soon as he gets a text, he tells me to hold on so he can go text her back. He tells me that I’m important to him and he loves never and cares but then turns right back around and will literally tell me “I really just don’t care, just being honest, I mean what am I supposed to do” when I tell him something such as how I’m really not feeling good.So I call him tonight and he’s talking to me but I can hear his phone keep vibrating as he’s talking. But he can go hours and hours without texting me back? All these rude comments and when I get excited over something he kinda is just like “oh that’s good” no enthusiasm.

But by the 3-4th text in the conversation, he leaves me on delivered and doesn’t answer until around 7-9pm.

And why would you want to be with a man that is making you guess?

Rip that rug out from under him and get under someone deserving.

also i feel like he feels like he’s being forced into a relationship(maybe) when really all i wanted was to befriend him first and then see how it goes instead going head first into him knowing i like him, overall i feel like my chance with him is messed up.should i go up to him to talk instead and if so what would i say? I have had a crush on one guy in a different area (but who sits a wee bit back behind me). He will be cruel eventually to get you to just go away.

It was like I had raised something that he couldn’t deal with. I somehow managed to ask him and he told that he has 10 crush but never had a girlfriend. He talks about other females appearances constantly but never talks about if he’s actually interested in them. Is he getting it from someone else or is he not attracted to me anymore?

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I appreciate you spending some time and energy to put this short article together. I have a crush on a newbie in our tuitions he is very cute and innocent and bit of stupid he and I have become frnds but I think I like him just more than that I have a different liking.

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