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Warning: Could result in a relationship talk, so just be prepared for that. It might be a little awkward for those of you on a scandalous date with your much-older family friend.

But for everyone else, it's a classic and perfect for that date you think will involve more talking than kissing after the movie.

Use the action-themed love note as a perfect digital text invitation for your spouse! Then include the details (day, time, place, any hints) in a follow-up text.

If your style is more old school and traditional, you can print the image and leave it as a paper love note for them to find as well!

If you’ve ever wanted to be a spy, this game is for you!Click Here To Watch Remember back when we would all go see literally any movie Will Smith was in, no matter how terrible it sounded?And remember when the reason we did that was because they always turned out to be kind of great (pre- was a part of that dynasty.We’ve mentioned the importance of snacks and treats for date night before, but for movie night – treats are a must!We’ve got these super fun tags to attach to your favorite treats. We’ve included superhero tags for superhero movies, too!

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  1. Several months later, Juliet dove back into the dating world. “Because I knew what I wanted; I wasn’t going into dates worried that what he wanted was someone younger or skinnier.