My soulmate is dating someone else

It just adds to the feeling of panic that most twins who have not done their healing work, experience.

So please drop the whole concept, you will find out soon enough if this person is your true Twin Flame or not – because no matter what, you can never lose your twin.

I remember what it was like going to those family functions ALONE and seeing all of your cousins all coupled up or going to that childhood friend’s wedding alone or with someone you barely knew (#totallydidthat) to avoid the unavoidable awkwardness. But the reality is that we just have to be unapologetically ourselves!

Now we can go all feminist and talk about how it is okay to be alone and you don’t need a man and that’s ALL TRUE… He isn’t going to get snatched up by that girl with the resting b*tch face at the end of the bar forever. When you are your most authentic self, say your truth express your interests and treat your date with honesty and respect, it will be SO easy to figure out who is and isn’t ‘the one’ for you! When you are thinking about your life partner, you want someone who wants YOU! Be yourself FOR YOU and I promise the rest will fall into place. I remember when I was dating Josh and I said to my friend, “I had no idea it could be SO easy!

I am guilty of this too, but all this Facebook, Bachelor loving stuff can take us so far away from reality that we can have unrealistic expectation of our own lives. Allow the ‘suspense’ of not knowing when or how it is going to happen to fuel your excitement, not anxiety.

Ashley has an office in Greenwich, CT and sees clients virtually.And I know that it could totally *BOOM *and happen for you too. If you are someone who desires a relationship and to meet your soulmate, you will! But in the mean time give yourself a big hug, be unapologetically yourself, let go of the drama and GET EXCITED because it could just happen today.Ashley Watson is a Psychotherapist, Spiritual Life Coach and Kundalini Yoga Teacher who is passionate about helping women feel empowered around the flow of dating and relationships, career and spirituality.You can often find Ashley cuddling with her husband and their Shih-Tzu Holly as they dream of moving somewhere with an endless summer.The Thrive Global Community welcomes voices from many spheres.

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If you are in a Twin Flame relationship you will totally recognize your own experience in the manifesto.

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