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Now when this used to happen in IIS on the server, we used to bounce IIS to clear its cache.However, when I stop debugging in VS, when I am using IIS Express, then as I understood it IIS Express stops when debugging stops. Make sure the browser window is selected and press ctrl-F5.We generally try to enforce that a code window is open and active as several of the cleanup commands require that to run successfully.It appears that cleanup is running improperly when the code file is in the background or not open at all.The straight forward fix I've just pushed is that when the designer window is active, saving the file will not cause the code to be cleaned.The code window will have to be active for cleanup to proceed.There wasn't any good way to distinguish the two window types through the API other than by the file caption which is hacky, but functional.This fix will be present in the next release, thanks again @Darkfire Hellspawn and @Andy65 for all the help tracing it down.

If there are any issues please comment and we'll reopen the issue.

hi lasantha, According to your description, i would suggest you try the ways below to solve the issue about 'DBML not updating'.

#1 the best simple way: you can create a new dbml file and drag the related tables and it generates the code.

#2 There's no built-in way to sync the dbml file/datacontext with the database after making changes (), but there are third-party tools that add refresh functionality to the Visual Studio L2S designer : One such tool is my add-in, Huagati DBML/EDMX Tools.

You can download it from and get a trial license if you want to take it for a test spin.

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