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Neither group gave extensive thought to them, merely passing the novelty off as ivory tower police officers imposing a newly learned management principle upon the troops.Admittedly, for me as a cop with a law degree and a practice on the side, no extra attention or deliberation was given to the code of ethics.Fast forward to the present: I’m now retired, teaching law courses at a local university and representing police officers in disciplinary cases.

I was a detective for a large department on the East Coast, where posted in each station were laminated wall posters containing the agency core values and ethical creed.

If the inquiry yields a response in the affirmative I go on to inquire as to how and where that code of ethics is incorporated into the officer’s formal training. Were there in-service presentations when the code was introduced?

Was the officer made to sign a copy of the code which was then placed in the officer’s personnel folder?

The City of Rochester Municipal Code of Ethics provision requiring disclosure in support of its efforts to prevent corruption or willful violation of the law by its employees was an example of a rule reasonably related to a specific government purpose. Disclosures were sought as to the arrests of family members, their associations, financial records and histories of drug or alcohol abuse.

Despite the deference given to police management in its stated purpose for a particular rule, there must be a nexus between the information sought and the state interest sought to be promoted.

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Additionally, it reinforces the department’s commitment to those values which it seeks to enforce.

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