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If you can’t come to an agreement that is a non-negotiable for you. In a relationship, you always should be willing to learn from each other and be open to one another’s positions and opinions.[Read: What are the right reasons to walk away when you love someone? Being with someone rigid on change and close-minded can lead to endless arguments.The song was written at the ocean's point of view, from which the singer believes all life emerged, and details the human's evolution, whilst accompanied by a choir."Oceania" was generally well received by music critics, who believed it was the best track from Medúlla, although some thought it was not the best choice for a promotional release.The accompanying music video for the song, directed by Lynn Fox, features Björk as "Mother Oceania", whilst being jewel-encrusted in dark watery depths, with a colourful sunset and swirling floral creatures above her.A remix of the song, featuring additional lyrics and vocals by Kelis on her point of view of the continents, was featured as a B-side to the "Who Is It" single.If your partner puts you down, overlooks your feelings or opinions, or is even rude, it is time to decide if your relationship can be fixed or if you should move on.

It could be having a partner that can’t show you love how you need.

[Read: 25 must-follow relationship rules for successful love]Until a difficult decision arises, it can be hard to figure out what your non-negotiables are.

You may think you would do anything for your partner, but some things you cannot negotiate because they are too important to you. So many people say you have to put your partner first. If you are not happy with yourself, your choices, and your life, you cannot be happy in a relationship.

Is the relationship worth it when you can’t get what you want? Sadly, money is a big part of serious relationships. Can your partner deal with you making more than them?

Family is not the same as choosing where to order food from or where to go on vacation. Can they deal with you picking a job for fulfillment over money?

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