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As an essential part of communication is non-verbal, communicative competence cannot consist solely of the correct use of verbal language.

The following figure shows a systematic overview of the main forms of non-verbal communication (cf.On the one hand we can, therefore, find paralinguistic (i.e.vocal) phenomena such as individual characteristics of the voice, speech melody, temporal aspects, forms of articulation and side noise.Argyle 1972, 2002; Ekman/Friesen 1969; Crystal 1974; Poyatos 1983): Observing such non-verbal phenomena in conversation plays an important role in the interpretation of meaning, for instance when it comes to assessing others, to the creation of closeness and distance or to understanding the relationship between conversation partners: provides nonverbal cues that others use to make judgments about us.Second, the way we use space […] helps us regulate intimacy and control our sensory exposure to others.

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