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How did I get this old without figuring it out sooner Im perpetually looking for problems so I can solve them.I had some good relationships but I was always anticipating the worst and trying to find issues that probably did not even exist.Many times I have heard people refer to the easy money that can be earned in the adult industry. Photographers, directors, and strip club customers started telling me that I was old, fat, and ugly when I was eighteen years old.Yeah, I heard compliments too, but the flattery and insults began morphing into one big blob of bullshit many years ago.Finally I can begin posting in the members area again and actually doing a little bit of other work since I wont have to worry about anyone looking over my shoulder and seeing naked photos while Im using my laptop.

If folks come to your blog and the information and knowledge you are providing is extremely poorly written, or not informative, the chance of them coming back to your blog again will be decreased.I always make sure to keep our troops in my prayers.A few minutes ago I came across this article written by a US soldier and found it very important, troubling, and touching. I am in the lobby of the hotel where Ive been staying this past week. Tonight I will be switching to a different hotel where I will have Internet access in my room.Quite often OK, almost all the time I found myself thinking about past relationships and various things I have screwed up in my life.At some point it hit me that most of my relationships failed because I approached them with too much urgency, the same urgency with which I have approached my career and everything else in my life.

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