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See the real enthusiasm in your future bestie’s face as you gush about your favorite shows and activities on Bumble BFF.We may not be well-versed in emoji-speak, but we can certainly see and hear when a person is happy.Women get the option to call as soon as they match with someone — and this can count as their first move.Men get the option to call only after a first move has been made. If you want to get your Icelandic flag, two weekends will be required.Iceland was founded by the Vikings, supreme badasses who some-how figured out how to live in one of the least pleasant environments on Earth.The option to start a call will surface only once a match has been made.Women can call from that initial match while men have to wait until a woman has made the first move.

We hope this’ll help you confidently connect with matches — and feel safe before deciding whether to take your match offline.

Don’t have time to grab coffee with a potential mentor or mentee? Calling on Bumble Bizz counts as a professional meetup.

You don't have to squeeze in a sit-down lunch break, or even leave your desk at all.

While that fact in no way should discourage you from going, don’t for a second think you’re visiting some type of isolated tribe in the Amazon that will be amazed by your steel tools and exotic spices.

Unless you’re into chubby chasing, you’ll definitely have to move your ass to get laid with what you think of as a pretty Icelandic girl.

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The overall appeal is that people don’t have to swap phone numbers to chat, so if they unmatch, the other person loses their ability to make a call.

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