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Development of Open was sponsored primarily by Sun Microsystems, which used the code as the basis for subsequent versions of Star Office.

Developers who wished to contribute code were required to sign a Contributor Agreement During Sun's sponsorship, the Open project was governed by the Community Council, comprising Open community members.

The Community Council suggested project goals and coordinated with producers of derivatives on long-term development planning issues.

Due to a similar trademark issue (a Rio de Janeiro company that owned that trademark in Brazil), the Brazilian Portuguese version of the suite was distributed under the name Br from 2004, with Br Office.

Open 1.0 was criticized for not having the look and feel of applications developed natively for the platforms on which it runs.Presentation templates were available on the Open website.A database management program analogous to Microsoft Access.Starting with version 2.0, Open used native widget toolkit, icons, and font-rendering libraries on GNOME, KDE and Windows.The issue had been particularly pronounced on Mac OS X.

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