Outlook quota not updating

Microsoft has provided a number of cmdlets specifically geared toward mailbox reporting.The cmdlet that exposes the Storage Limit Status of mailboxes is the Get-Mailbox Statistics cmdlet.It gives details about what causes the empty field and the workaround steps you can take in your Exchange Server 2013 environment to verify your mailboxes' quota status.

I know adding the shared mailbox as a separate account will resolve this however converting the shared mailbox to a full user mailbox will use up a license so isn’t an option. You can add a shared mailbox as a separate account without having to consume a license.Hi, Can anyone tell me how long it takes for the mailbox quota limit to take effect after i change it on the Exchange 2007 server.I change one of my mailbox to a larger quota but it seems that i need to wait for a couple of hours before the changes take effect.. Other times, the difficulty is in finding the correct combination of cmdlets to run to produce the specific reports you need.In the most frustrating cases, you try to do something you were able to do in previous versions of Exchange, but you can't find a way to do it in the current version of Exchange.

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