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To add insult to injury to devoted Blackjacks, the label confirms that while CL and Dara are still being represented by YG Entertainment for solo promotions, Park Bom "did not have a renewal.The full statement, via Soompi original statement in Korean:.Thank you to all the fans, family, and friends who have shown me their love and concern. From this, fans had deduced that something would be happening to the group. She deactivated her Instagram after the rumor broke out. For several years afterward, she received counseling and treatment, taking medication prescribed to her by a university hospital in the States.However, none would predict that the group would have a sudden disbandment such as this. These idols have had to respond to body shaming in public. After that incident, Park Bom was unable to continue soccer, and that was when she first came to Korea to audition for YG. After three years of public auditions, she finally finished in first place, and because of that, I have a special memory of her.The music video was released on March Both the song "Fire" and the group became popular online search terms.They received their second Mutizen award on the same show the week after.

The incident involved an investigation by Korean police after a package was sent to Park Bom containing 80 amphetamine tablets.I don't date at work," she explained, according to the Korea Herald.However, fans always want the two entertainers to be together.After appearing alongside boy band Big Bang in the song " Lollipop ", a promotional single for LG Electronics , the group rose to fame with the release of their two eponymous extended plays , 2NE1 and 2NE1 , and two studio albums, To Anyone and Crush All peaked at the number one position on the Gaon Album Chart.The quartet simultaneously conducted a similarly successful career in Japan, releasing first a Japanese version of their second EP, Nolza and following up with the studio albums Collection and Crush Following a long-term hiatus, Minzy departed the group in April , [2] while the rest of the group disbanded later that November.

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