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To add a couple to this page, click on edit to the right of List of couples below and use the following format: ===Partner1_piratename & Partner2_piratename=== Share your story about meeting in game. They started seeing each other and went shopping in all the shops on Midnight for matching clothes, matching swords, and went sailing out into the ocean.(optional) On a bright and sunny day in May 2004, Nylons, a cute little pirate, was feeling bored and decided to apply for a random job on the notice board. Sometime in July 2004, Mlik proposed to Nylons with a laurel and she agreed happily.Woe was the day for her when all of a sudden this now SO disappeared.

After a while (okay, it was four days, but don’t tell my Mom!


In the highly social atmosphere of Puzzle Pirates, there have actually been a number of real-life couples who first met in game and went on to get married in real-life. Please do not add couples' names without their permission.

They would stand as close as the game would possibly allow, facing each other so it looked like they were smooching.

After a few weeks of this, he asked Pjs to marry him in-game.

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