Podcasts not updating in itunes

Apple has now streamlined their podcast process, and has revised their procedure for submitting podcasts and have added a very useful tool to the service. In addition, they have now created something called "Podcasts Connect", an online resource for all things related to podcast RSS feeds and Itunes.

Check it out here: Apple Podcasts Connect At the link above, you can view the current specifications that they require.

Market Wrap and Evening Show (5pm-9pm): for the first and last hour of the evening, our round-up of the day's financial action: then politics and economics, entrepreneurship and entertainment with some fantastic interviews thrown in-- Weekends -- Share Saturday (9am-5pm): we take a holistic view of family finances on Saturday morning with Sarah Pennells, the well-known personal finance journalist and broadcaster who runs the Savvy Woman website.

Sunday afternoon includes Questions of Faith, ‘Shop Floor’ and from 6pm to 8pm Share Politics keeping you up to date with events in Westminster.

Listen live and listen again to Share Radio, the station designed to help you with money and investments.

Don't miss any of your favourite shows: listen on the move with our mobile app, where you can find what’s coming up, over 1,000 podcasts of our best programming, plus our special ‘Managing My Money’ course which we broadcast in partnership with the Open University.

Not forgetting our financial awareness course which runs every day except Fridays.

You can start the eight-week ‘Managing My Money’ course afresh each fortnight, catching up on any episodes you’ve missed on podcasts and accessing our supporting slides and other resources.

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