Point blank problems during frost updating

Now mind you I'm still under Chrysler warranty and the head gasket/engine is covered. Wrong, I was told they could not fix my head gasket unless they torn the engine down to look for other issues and I was responsible for the cost of that tear down, so I asked, "If you know what the problem is (head gasket) why can't you just repair it." Evidently Chrysler warranty won't let them unless they earn the engine down to look for the problem that caused the head gasket to blow.

I had the car towed to another dealership Lake Norman Chrysler and they tell me because the temperature hose caused the engine to overheat the work is not covered under my warranty and I should just get a new engine. I was told not to tear the engine down because it was more likely than not that I need a new engine that I will have to pay for (00).

So two weeks no car with kids missing appointments and me missing school.I only found out by being on the Chrysler FCA page and entered my VIN number and a there flashing on the screen big safety recall message in red. On the first incident I was on the hi-way when the TRANSMISSION FAILED!!!I did manage to get off the hi-way and call a tow truck.Had the car towed to Hendrick Dodge and few days later I get a phone call and said the temperature hose has a leak.And they repaired it, however after they took it for a test drive the head gasket blew.

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The Dodge Journey is a mid-size crossover SUV that debuted in 2007.

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