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She wrote the “Untogether” screenplay and directed the movie.

Raised in a Jewish family in London, Forrest wrote in her memoir about how affected she was, at a very low moment in her life, by a synagogue sermon delivered by the well-known Rabbi David Wolpe, of Sinai Temple in Los Angeles.The Kirke sisters have a Jewish mother and Israeli grandmother.Several scenes are set in a synagogue, and at one point, one character suggests that another has “copy-edited the Torah.” The rabbi character, Forrest said, is inspired by an “amalgamation” of Los Angeles rabbis, including David Wolpe, Mordecai Finley and Sharon Brous.He has also made frequent television appearances on CNN and on "CBS This Morning" as a commentator on spiritual questions.He has been featured most recently in a series on A&E called "Mysteries of the Bible."Rabbi Wolpe is the author of six books: "The Healer of Shattered Hearts: A Jewish View of God," "In Speech and in Silence: The Jewish Quest for God," "Teaching Your Children About God," "Why Be Jewish?

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," "Making Loss Matter: Creating Meaning in Difficult Times," and most recently, "Floating Takes Faith: Ancient Wisdom for a Modern World." Find more articles by David Wolpe here.

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