Rain dating jeon ji hyun

For the past one year, there has been a lot of talk about the two dating from the media.In fact, it is said that they have been caught dating secretly.The two also represented Amore-Pacific’s Aritaum brand together.However, they didn’t begin dating until June, following Hyun Bin’s stay in Busan to film Friend, Our Legacy.“I’ll display our family rings on my Twitter,” said Rain.At this time, Rain has not confirmed having an official Twitter account.Hyun Bin’s agency stated on the morning of August 5, “Song Hye Kyo and Hyun Bin were good friends and became lovers two months ago.” Song Hye Kyo’s agency also confirmed the news.Sources said the two usually go on dates at cafes in Chungdam-dong or Apgujeong-dong, in a car, or with a group of friends.

My opinion on her is she is a cutie and a bit quirky, so I could see why he would like her.

Hot on the heels of the recent news reports that pop star Rain and actress Jeon Ji Hyun have been dating for months, Rain has released a statement denying any relationship.

In addition, his associates have confirmed his plans to sue Daily Sports Seoul, the newspaper which released paparazzi photos of him and Jeon Ji Hyun standing outside her apartment complex.

Has anyone heard the rumours about Rain having dated Jihyun Jeon since October 2009?

Check out one of the many online articles here: Rain and his management team have denied the rumour, and its always possible that it is just a rumour, but let’s break this down. He probably gets propositioned/hit on on the daily.

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I don’t know much about Jihyun, but she seems to be the ideal type he’d go for. 2) She’s classy and beautiful (see below), and is a popular actress. 3) Not alot of people know, but he’s stated several times in interviews that she’s his ideal woman. She was engaged to some Korean-American guy for a while, but since becoming single, she probably hit Rain up as quickly as she could. Once again, I know this is a rumour, but I tend to think its true.

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