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However, Conrad did not know that Daniel only wanted the position so that he could gather information for his mother to use against Conrad in their divorce.Emily found and showed Tyler's medication (prescription anti-psychotics) to Daniel and Ashley.Later that evening, Daniel dropped by Emily's house unannounced, and saw her eating dinner with Jack Porter.(Duplicity) Daniel decided not to work for his father and so was cut off from his trust fund.(Duress) Daniel took Emily out for a romantic dinner on a boat, where he proposed and she accepted.In a scheme to get Daniel on his side, Conrad told Daniel to ask his mother about her secret that concerned Charlotte.His roommate, Tyler appeared suddenly, making himself a guest at the Grayson home.Tyler repeatedly tempted Daniel to end his sobriety, finally succeeding once he convinced Daniel that Emily had cancelled a date.

But now I find myself at a crossroads, and I must decide what I believe to be true. Daniel Edward Grayson (born Summer 1987 - Summer 2014) was Conrad and Victoria's son and their only shared biological child.At the start of the series, Daniel had returned to the Hamptons after a semester at Harvard Business School and was struggling to face the demons of his past.In "Pilot", Daniel had just arrived at his parents' home in the Hamptons for the summer after a semester at Harvard.He was present at the Memorial Day party and he meets Emily for the first time when she deliberately spilled her drink on him. In "Trust", Daniel was participating in a Polo match which Emily attended.They had their first official date following the match, and everything went perfectly.

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After his father's death, Daniel was left with no money, and had to earn a living by selling off Grayson materias for 6 months.

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