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Meanwhile, both Cyrus and the President are caught off-guard when Cyrus' husband, James, decides to return to his career as a journalist covering the White House.

Olivia receives an anonymous letter containing a coded warning which could expose Huck’s dark past.

And in the White House, Cyrus and Fitz are dealing with the ramifications of Cyrus' husband’s first front page news story.

In the White House, Cyrus and Fitz deal with a foreign policy emergency.

Meanwhile, the country's most prominent minister is found dead in a hotel room handcuffed to a bed with his mistress; the team is sent to handle damage control.

The season opened three months after Quinn's arrest starting by answering the long awaited question... But how did Lindsay become Quinn and how did she get from California to DC?

Well of course the country's finest fixer "fixed" that problem with the help from her trusty slick side-kick Huck.

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