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She locates her father, Nate Bazile (Kristoffer Polaha), who operates the Open Bar inside a building his father gave him.

But by the series' send, Baze and Ryan are good friends.Meanwhile, she wonders how friends from her old life might fit into her new one.Tasha Siviac has been her best friend since she was seven (they met at Sunnyvale, the foster-care home), and Lux hopes to stay in touch with her, her boyfriend Gavin, and Lux's own first boyfriend Bug, who has been in trouble with the law; this might imperil Lux's new life with Baze and Cate.Because of her radio-host job and suitable house, Cate is given primary custody of Lux.Ryan Thomas (Kerr Smith), her radio-broadcast partner and fiancé, also bonds with Lux and is sometimes better able to reach her than her parents, because he's faced issues similar to hers.

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