Sorority and fraternity dating

“In the United States, sororities are not allowed to throw parties in their own houses,” Gomez lectures a roomful of freshman pledges as the prim and ultra-feminine leader of the hottest sorority on campus.

“Only frats can.” The problem is, that puts all the power in the hands of male-run social events on campuses across the country. Here is another BS double standard that applies to sororities but not to fraternities.

The sorority life would not be sustainable if it did not have the financial backing required to keep the events, houses and other expenses afloat.

It is no secret that it is a rich girl's game in order to make it in a sorority.

The most shocking part about this is that two thirds of women in America believe that this rule shouldn't change, according to Huffington Post.

In their mind, this is the ultimate test to see who is really committed to wanting to join the organization.

Furthermore, they want the new recruits to bond with each other during the hazing process since they are all going through the horrendous experience together as a clan.

There is a specific kind of girl that lasts in such an organization.

There are some crazy rules sorority girls have to follow when it comes to social media etiquette.

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This standard is just as old and outdated as sororities are.

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