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With a normal application, the file should also contain these two elements: The file in this tutorial is just a dummy file with none Spring beans.If you have many separate Spring configuration files, then you can add them all in the param-value element separated with a comma.Ant the Fault Code enum will be mapped to a fault-code element.A good web service client framework should convert a SOAP fault element to an exception and throw it to the client as a runtime exception.The server implementation only has dependencies to the JAXB generated request and response classes. The implementation class must have the Spring @Endpoint annotation above the class name and the @Payload Root annotation above the method that will handle the web service request.

The @Soap Fault annotation below helps the exception resolver to convert the exception to a Soap Fault.Here is the generated WSDL operation: The server code isn’t aware of the WSDL.This is a different approach than for example CXF that generates an interface your implementation must implement.See the highlighted lines in this stub implementation: If something unexpected occurs on the server, it’s best practice with modern programming languages to throw exceptions.The SOAP specification supports SOAP faults and with a framework like Spring WS, these SOAP faults are converted into runtime exceptions of type Soap Fault Exception.

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