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And I think he was impressed that I was a famous person he could have sex with. We didn’t see a whole lot of the movie because we were so damn busy making out but every once in a while Tequila would pause to cheer or scream “Heil Hitler! I love movies too so this was a really ideal first date.We tried to get them to come back for more sex play but they kept insisting “there are things even a Juggalo won’t do.”Jimmy Chamberlin (Former Smashing Pumpkins drummer): One afternoon Billy called me out of the blue and said, “The Smashing Pumpkins are now you, me, Tila Tequlia, Johnny Depp and Corey Feldman.We’re recording an album of Skrewdriver covers tomorrow.But when I brought up getting married, having children, him re-drawing his will to name me the only beneficiary of his fortune and then me killing him for his money, he suddenly got cold feet.Billy Corgan: While I was excited by how fun and unpredictable and spontaneous and deeply unhinged Tequila could be, I was worried that she kept talking about killing me for my money.

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