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So I opted out of the background daemon feed updating approach, and went with a CRON job.

The seems to be readable by the user http (which seems to be running lighttpd). The wiki tells me to store it in /etc/webapps/tt-rss/. I ran ttrss for some time manually, till I discovered recently that it's in the repos. You just need to install it, setup the database and - that' what took me some time to figure out - edit because of missing permissions.

By selecting the "All articles" Special entry in the left hand pane, then ensuring "Unread" is selected in the first drop down in the right hand pane (see last screenshot, where it is already there for the "Fresh" articles). All the unread articles (which I've previously read on Google Reader) can be marked as read in the Actions menu.

However, the UI does not appear to update, and a manual refresh of the web page is needed.

However, there are obviously over 1000 articles unread. This is because of the "Special" category shown in the left hand pane.

Within this, I can see that I am seeing "Fresh articles", which obviously are those unread and recent.

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