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Sessions will be a blend of work, fun and together we will search for joy, insight and meaning, while getting to know your strengths and create healing.""I believe that each individual frames their life from their experiences.Such experiences can cause distress, sometimes making life unbearable.My relational process aims to alleviate symptom's, express repressed/disavowed feelings, facilitate personal growth, reassign existential meanings, and repair/rebuild personality structures. I accept out of network insurance and direct fee for service.""How Can I Serve You?I work with your pain to ultimately transform this into a greater capacity to express/receive love. I am an attachment based psychologist who uses the therapeutic relationship as the means for growth & change.Our approach is holistic and we steer away from labels and focus on you as a unique individual.We will work together to develop your strengths and to find your growth areas.I'm advanced trained in Discernment counseling as well.

Whole Wellness Psychology offers medical advocacy services, providing therapy and support for parents of special needs children, adults with new or complicated medical diagnosis, and adult caregivers.

I also offer DBT services, EMDR, a targeted trauma treatment, and am equally affirming to heterosexual and same sex couples.""Having over 20 years of clinical experience, I provide individual, couples, and group psychotherapy in a bias free, discreet, nurturing setting.

I utilize a holistic view of clients, meaning I focus on mind and body health. I understand these feelings and how they can make you feel stuck in indecision.""When I reflect on my education, professional, personal experience and distill my thoughts; I conclude *You are feeling pretty bad or you would not be making this search.

I utilize a holistic view of clients, meaning I focus on mind and body health.

Creating a partnership with my client is primary before any meaningful work begins.

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Whatever reason you feel this way (life transitions like a new baby, empty nest, sexual dysfunction, low desire, etc--I can help you and your partner find your way to a sex life that feels good for both of you.

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