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I arrived with Jenn to Jordan’s apartment a few days before the TAt M Summit was supposed to start because I stayed with Jenn in her home in Maryland and accompanied her to DC prior to the TAt M Summit to help out with the Brand New Congress Summit the weekend of November 4 and 5 before even arriving to New York.Honestly, I thought Jenn was somebody I could trust but I quickly learned that she was more concerned with her upward mobility in TYT and her strange relationship with Jordan than protecting me, a queer Puerto Rican woman.That’s when he said to me: “Paula, I feel like you’re trying to police what I say.”I replied: “I’m not trying to police what you say; I’m trying to make you question and think about what you say before you say it.I’m planting a seed.”Later before we started watching documentaries that night, I was tying in what I had said earlier to a conversation that we were having at that moment and said: “Remember when you said that I was trying to police what you were saying earlier…” at first he ignored me but I repeated myself and he mumbled: “I never said that to you.” That’s when I started to realize that Jordan was a gaslighter.That’s when I said: “Do you know how hard it is for a woman to come out about this?I know how hard it is because…” I trailed off because I realized that Jordan, Ty nor Jenn were listening.I had had alarm bells going off in my head and that interaction only confirmed my suspicions that Jordan was, in the least, “problematic.”The next morning, Jenn, Jordan and me picked up the keys to the Airbnb that was going to house journalists coming to New York from all over the country for this Summit, in front of a nearby coffee shop.The person with the keys passed off the keys to Jenn because Jordan was too busy lusting after the female barista standing at the cash register in view of the small coffee shop window.

She’s totally complicit in all of Jordan’s displays of toxic masculinity.It is one thing if they had quietly talked about the intellectual attractiveness of the women on the app but Jordan would loudly brag and describe the women’s physical appearances off of the app, instead.He would talk about whether or not the people he was looking at were marriage or sex material.During my stay in New York, I realized that Jordan had a lot of ‘personality quirks’ right away.One of my initial observations I made was that he constantly projected his feelings onto other people.

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