Updating cell phone range

Finally, there are going to be occasions when the battery power goes low, such as when you are travelling.

In that case make sure to get a portable battery charger.

Another way to detect a cell tower is to use your smartphone.

What can you do to reduce, if not eliminate the interference between the cell phone and the nearest cell tower?

Well, you can move closer to an open window for one, or go upstairs to the terrace, when you're using the phone.

, here're ten ways to fix bad cellphone signals: Here's what you should understand about how cell phones work.

If you want your phone to receive signals from the cell tower constantly, it would help if it is in line with the cell tower with minimal obstructions. If the signals from the cell phone towers have to pass through a lot of obstructions such as walls, window glass, etc., they can get considerably weakened.

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Remove your phone's battery for at least one minute.

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