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Please be aware that the Data Column class allows only Int16, Int32, and Int64 to have the Auto Increment property set.If you plan to use autoincremement columns with My SQL, you should consider using signed integer columns. modify the data in the Data Set // submit changes, commit or rollback, and close the connection try catch (Exception) finally // ... Get Update Command(); // load data from the data source into the Data Set da. The My SQLData Adapter, serves as a bridge between a Data Set and My SQL for retrieving and saving data.Dim da As New Sql Data Adapter("Select * from tbl1", conn) dim tblx As New Data Table da. Update(tblx) '--tblx/tbl1 not getting updated here. But if I do this---then it works OK (not using data Adapter though) Dim cmd As New Sql Command cmd.

Command Text = "UPDATE Customer\r\n SET Cust Name = ?

are iterated over and each parameter variable in the update statement is replaced with the value for that parameter. Event Args e) private void da_Row Updating(object sender, Sql Row Updating Event Args e) object.

Single quote delimiters are added around the string values. The solution delimits the string values for the Category Name and Description fields in the Categories table from the Northwind database used in this example.

The Data Adapter works as a bridge between a Data Set and a data source to retrieve data.

Data Adapter is a class that represents a set of SQL commands and a database connection.

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