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Much like apt itself, its manpage is intended as an end user interface and as such only mentions the most used commands and options partly to not duplicate information in multiple places and partly to avoid overwhelming readers with a cornucopia of options and details.update (apt-get(8)) update is used to download package information from all configured sources. perform package upgrades or search in and display details about all packages available for installation.install, remove, purge (apt-get(8)) Performs the requested action on one or more packages specified via regex(7), glob(7) or exact match.Many years ago, when I first began with Linux, installing applications and keeping a system up to date was not an easy feat.Instead you will know updates are available because the Update Manager will open on your desktop (see Figure 1) as soon as the updates depending upon their type: If you want to manually check for updates, you can do this by clicking the Administration sub-menu of the System menu and then selecting the Update Manager entry.When the Update Manager opens click the Check button to see if there are updates available.If an upgrade for a package requires the remove of an installed package the upgrade for this package isn't performed.

For some new users this left their machines outdated or without applications they needed. Now Linux is exponentially more user friendly – to the point where so much is automatic and ¬†that today’s Linux hardly resembles yesterday’s Linux.upgrade (apt-get(8)) upgrade is used to install available upgrades of all packages currently installed on the system from the sources configured via sources.list(5).New packages will be installed if required to statisfy dependencies, but existing packages will never be removed.Let’s take a look at how to update your system with the help of Apt.Follow these steps: Depending upon your desktop, you will either use the GNOME or the KDE front-end for Package Kit.

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But then apt-get update should tell you about them.

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