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@The Jeremy Vine | @Linda Nolan_ | @Jemma Forte | #Jeremy Vine W6VYBQm We Should cyclists get an extra day off work each year because they're healthier and take fewer sick days than their car-using counterparts?German MPs are suggesting doing it - and our avid cyclist @the Jeremy Vine is saying why stop at one day? #Jeremy Vine Nx Vcw O2 Was Ruth Davidson right to leave her post in a time of crisis for family?#Jeremy Vine "You sound like you're remoaning to me, Dawn!" James Max did his best "Ghost Of Brexit Present" impression to one of our callers today...Or do you think these petitions and protests are pointless?

@Nicola Mc Lean | @The Jeremy Vine | #Jeremy Vine J0z Yu Acgn "Connor walked off the end of the stage!

" Our caller Anne was "shaking with anger" as she spoke to us about Ruth Davidson's resignation.

Do you agree with Linda Nolan that she's being "harsh"?

@The Jeremy Vine | @Linda Nolan_ | @Jemma Forte | #Jeremy Vine W6VYBQm We "He got into his Range Rover and off he went." This week one of our callers told us why she thinks Prince Andrew should be relieved of his royal duties...

@The Jeremy Vine | @Channel5_tv | #Jeremy Vine Ie O8Pgdx "She's a disgrace to the country and to women!

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