What episode of glee does rachel start dating puck

Jessalyn Gilsig is pretty good as Terri Schuester, as she portrays a pretty unlikable character from the start.It's clear she's very controlling and wants things her way, and that makes for an irritating character. Jane Lynch is entertaining as cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester.Cory Monteith is amazing as the quarterback Finn Hudson.He's basically Troy Bolton from ' High School Musical' but on a TV show, as he struggles choosing football/popularity over being in Glee Club.When we hear the narration by Rachel in the beginning of the episode, she states that she tries to post on My Space everyday to keep her talent alive and growing.However, when the Cheerios are watching Rachel's cover of "On My Own", in the box that says "Similar Videos", it states that there are no other videos from Rachel.He's a compelling character, and his motivations are very clear and understandable.He wants to relive his glory days by getting involved in the Glee Club by coaching but wants to make a difference in the students' lives, particularly the outcasts.

Amber Riley is pretty good as Mercedes Jones, fellow diva to Rachel and just as ambitious as her.

At the same time, she is pushing away the one guy who likes her, the football coach Ken Tanaka.

She's a very relatable character and stays that way throughout the entire series.

When high school Spanish teacher Will Schuester takes over the school's failing Glee Club, he recruits a group of outcasts to join and tries to balance his work life while also dealing with a struggling marriage.' Glee' is what the Marvel Cinematic Universe is now: a giant ensemble cast in a successful series.

Because of this, there are many cast performances to focus on.

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Right away, we're introduced to her struggle with OCD, but we don't know much about it.

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