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Taking it from the top, Alaska remains the most violent and STD-ridden state. Despite being among the most religious states (after Utah), Louisiana and Arkansas both ranked high for STDs and violent crime per capita.The least densely populated state is a tough place to police, and it’s only going to get worse due to its shrinking resources for the Department of Law. Other studies have shown that Louisiana and Arkansas are also hotbeds for teen pregnancy.

We just want you to know whether you need to be extra careful protecting yourself when you’re going out with people who are virtually strangers.Let’s look at how the start of a seemingly healthy relationship turns unhealthy. Good and many bad relationships start out in a honeymoon stage. There is so much to share and learn about her new partner that the couple spends all their time together. They meet each other’s family and friends, spending time together, alone, and with others.They negotiate differences so one person isn’t always giving in to the other.Mormons, a nickname for those who belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, hold a firm stance on abstinence before marriage, so dating in these states means you’re a lot less likely to get an STD.Vermont and Maine, the two least religious states in the US, appear to have a more hook-up friendly solution.

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