Where to touch a girl dating boob tips

Yes, this is foreplay, but you sometimes need some fore-foreplay to ensure that there’s no friction. Start slowly, if you go too hard straight away she’s gonna dry up and it’s game over.

One finger first, bit of clit action, then we can think about adding more.

There’s nothing worse than rubbing and poking when the good bits been and gone. It just doesn’t work, we don’t enjoy it and it’s not the direction you want to take on how to finger a girl.

Just never, NEVER do fingering only and at a fast speed, like you’re trying to get your whole arm up there – it’s just not pleasant.

Look, the vagina may look complicated but it really isn’t.

Slowly, with a couple of fingers, rub in circular motions gradually getting faster, then slower, then faster.

Don’t press down too hard like you’re bashing on some kind of buzzer – be sensitive.

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If she responds well to clitoral stimulation and not G-spot, don’t rummage around in there too much, as it might just make her uncomfortable.

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