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But all of those plans were thrown into disarray when Albert married Charlene.

Now Monaco waits to see if Albert and Charlene will provide an heir (born in wedlock, because that’s the only way you get to be an heir in Monaco). the fact that Andrea is now engaged to his young girlfriend… Princess Caroline’s son Andrea will tie the knot with his longtime girlfriend, the palace in Monaco confirms to PEOPLE.

The couple, both 28, met through mutual friends at the American University in Paris and have been dating for seven years.

Casiraghi, is the first of the late Princess Grace’s grandchildren to be set to wed.

Casiraghi is eighth in the line of succession to the Monegasque throne, following his twin cousins, his mother, brother Andrea, nephews Alexandre and Maximillian Casiraghi, and his niece India Casiraghi.

Casiraghi was born in 5 September 1987 at Princess Grace Hospital Centre, in La Colle, Monaco.

He was a celebrity guest starter in the race, driving car #26, and finished 22nd in the first race and 20th in the second race.

And since I know this news will be met with a litany of “WHO”s, let me explain. He’s the oldest child of Princess Caroline of Monaco and Caroline’s second husband, Stefano Casiraghi.

Stefano was the husband that died in a tragic boating accident in 1990.

No huge breakups, no violent club dramas, nothing like that, although I’m sure some Monaco gossips should be here shortly to tell me how wrong I am. At best, Andrea is making some interesting moves, and it will be fascinating to see if this jumpstarts Albert and Charlene’s babymaking plans. A spawn of Albert, or will the throne eventually pass to Andrea and his half-Colombian heirs?

Leo La Colle, Monaco Charlotte started her education at the Les Dames de Saint Maur but left at the age of six and instead got admission at the École de la République.

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