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Talking about her personal life, Jeri was hitched twice and furthermore supposed to have an extramarital relationship.

She wedded Jack Ryan and had one tyke named Alex Ryan yet they couldn’t regularize their relationship and got a separation.

I want to bring in Congressman Tim Ryan, Congressman Ryan your response? TIM RYAN (D-OH): So here we are in Detroit, home of the United Auto workers. This plan that's being offered by Senator Warren and Senator Sanders will tell those Union members who gave away wages in order to get good healthcare that they're going to lose their healthcare because Washington's going to come in and tell them they got a better plan.

This is the left and right thing -- new and better is this, move Medicare down to 50.

RYAN: I mean, Senator Sanders does not know all of the union contracts in the United States.

BERNIE SANDERS (D-VT): Let's be clear what this debate is about.

Nobody can defend the dysfunctionality of the current system.

I'm trying to explain that these union members are losing their jobs, their wages have been stagnant, the world is crumbling around them -- the only thing they have is possibly really good healthcare.

And the Democratic message is going to be, we're going to go in and the only thing you have left we're going to take it and we're going to do better.

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She is the daughter of Gerhard Florian and Sharon Zimmerman who was a Master Sergeant in the United States Army. She Attended and graduated from Lone Oak High School in Paducah, Kentucky also Received her Bachelor of Science degree in Theatre from Northwestern University.

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