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I trust that M-Net and Rapid Blue will have a great selection of ladies for me to choose from.I'm just confident and trust the process and that's my mindset going into this whole journey.I've been through a couple of relationships in the past and it's never nice to go through a breakup but with each relationship, I've learnt something and taken something from it and I'd like to think that it's moulded me into the bachelor and who I am today.I think the mistakes I've made in the past is not fully committing, maybe focusing my time and not managing my time well enough.I saw this as the perfect opportunity to fully focus and concentrate on finding the one - and that's the reason I decided to do this.

My biggest goal in life is to have a happy family one day and I see this as a step to that and I'm going to do my best to find the right person to be my partner. Because it not just you looking for love, it's the South African viewing public following and watching it all on M-Net.I like to think that I've rectified that now through learning from past relationships. With my international modelling career there were times where I had to travel and distance became a factor but not that I'm solidified in South Africa and Cape Town, I want to make sure that distance isn't a problem anymore.I want to make sure that the relationship I have is with someone I can see often because that's what a real relationship is about - interacting with that person, and seeing that person physically – that’s important.Going into this journey I will be able to suss out who's there for the right reasons which is love and to find a soulmate and who's there for publicity. I'm not sure if I'm going to find the one, or if I'm going to find someone I can commit to, or find my wife - that's the whole point, that's what I'm looking for!I know my intentions are to find real love and to start a family with that person. Are you looking for marriage - that's such a loaded word and a heavy "goal", or would it be an engagement or just the beginning of a relationship that can grow? And whether it happens, I'll have to see what opportunities present themselves and if I do find my soulmate.

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