Who is mutt lange dating now

Please let these kids stay far away from each other when they come of age. “It sounds crazy, but all four Shania, Frederic, Mutt and Marie-Anne – have managed to remain friends,” said a source.“So it isn’t as outlandish as it seems for both couples to marry so close together…

"Well, he said, 'I may not be in a rush to get a divorce'.

“Both [of their] kids will attend both summer weddings, which will take place near their homes in Switzerland,” revealed the source.

“Everyone has remained on friendly terms for the children’s sake.

In 2004, Twain stopped performing and retreated to the family's estate in Switzerland to escape the spotlight.

During their time at there, Twain and Lange's assistant, Marie-Anne Thiebaud, became a close friend.

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Twain recently revealed that she felt weak when she heard about the Thiébaud affair.

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