Who was tupac shakur dating before he died

At 3pm, Shakur, accompanied by his girlfriend and cousin, arrives in Las Vegas.He leaves them behind at his hotel room to go gambling at a nearby casino.While getting changed, Shakur decides not to wear his bulletproof vest.After this, Shakur drives to Suge Knight's mansion where Knight and Death Row members are waiting.2Pac released numerous records dissing the East Coast hip hop scene, particularly Combs, Wallace and Bad Boy Entertainment.This would be the start of the coast rivalry that dominated mid-1990s hip hop, and is believed to be the reason of the deaths of Shakur and Wallace.Shakur would accuse Sean Combs, Andre Harrell, and Christopher "The Notorious B. G." Wallace - who were at the studio at the time - of setting him up.

This request is by Suge Knight, who wanted to talk with Shakur privately. At -, the last picture of Shakur alive is taken by Leonard Jefferson at a red light.Shakur, now accompanied by a large amount of people who are either Death Row-affiliated or fans, leave the MGM Grand.Shakur and the Death Row affiliates go back to their hotel rooms to change their clothing before the Club 662 performance.Shakur was hit from a .40-caliber Glock four times, twice in the chest, once in the arm, and once in the thigh.He died from his injuries six days later in the University Medical Center of Southern Nevada.

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He is accompanied by his entourage, including bodyguard Frank Alexander and members of his group, the Outlawz.

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