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For policymakers, accuracy would also ease moral inhibitions against choosing to employ force.Simply put, precision could undo Hiroshima and unshackle military power.Among national-security specialists, Wolfowitz was also uniquely attuned to the possibility of tapping this new way of war so as to bring U. strategic imperatives back into harmony with professed ideals.In the new way of war lay the possibility of washing the gray out of the fabric of American policy.

It is easy to see why: more than any of the other dramatis personae in contemporary Washington, Wolfowitz embodies the central convictions to which the United States in the age of Bush subscribes—in particular, an extraordinary certainty in the righteousness of American actions married to extraordinary confidence in the efficacy of American arms.As the end of the 20th century approached, Providence was clearly summoning the United States to rule.Yet for Wolfowitz, the summons to rule complemented rather than transcended America’s prior mission to redeem.America’s interests and American ideology were becoming indistinguishable.One prospective result would be to free American statesmen from ever again aligning the United States with Stalin to defeat Hitler or with Mao to check Brezhnev.

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