Worldwide dating and penpal

Is it really any different than meeting in any other manner? You still have people presenting themselves as something other than what they really are. And you still have honest real folks looking for true love.

Today we have an Internet version of the same thing. It seemed a bit weird at first like most things that are new and different, but eventually we became used to the idea.

Have a real bond based on more than the fact that you both like moonlit walks on the beach and want to someday have children. Even if you never fall in love, youve gained a new friend and the experience of feeling connected to others.

When you do finally meet, you wont suffer those uncomfortable silences either, youll have shared laughs and have plenty to talk about. So many people put in their profiles that they only want to meet people that are close to home, 50 miles, 100 miles, etc. Who knows maybe your soulmate is just across the ocean.

Please dont think that Im saying that all good looking people are bad relationships waiting to happen.

I just dont want you to confuse sexual attraction with real intimacy.

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