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Nash’s post quickly went viral, and the company responded.

The beaming, exuberant face of this little boy born with Down Syndrome — and potentially pictures of other children with disabilities — will appear in a future ad or catalog.

hk IP is on nginx/1.10.1 server works with 3391 ms speed. Being a Smarter Dating member (even if you’re not dating!) is a superior way to put all the info you’re learning together. An entire section of Smarter Dating is devoted to seeing liars and phonies with handwriting analysis. Impress your co-workers and boss with your diplomacy. So go try it and let me know what you think – Face Reading Personality Test If you want to leave a message about your results check out my blog at (Don’t forget that members of my site can get lots more articles on recognizing danger traits, like The Vegas Personality Profiling Summit is fast approaching, can’t wait. Hong Kong is a vibrant city, a dynamic spectacle with an abundance of interesting things to do and experience.

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Carter’s attempt to rectify that will undoubtedly be welcomed both by parents and by the kids who will finally have the chance to see someone who looks in some way like them in the fun-house mirror that is mass media. The sad truth is that in presenting a more diverse set of images (and thus a more expansive visual definition of beauty), marketers may help more of us feel a bit more comfortable in our own skins.

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