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The temples are gorgeous and are almost only infrastructure of value.

As for the women, well many of them are simply not exposed to the outside world.

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urbanisation and mercantile activity along the western and eastern coasts of what is today Kerala and Tamil Nadu led to the development of four large Tamil political states, the Cheras, Cholas, Pandyas and Pallavas and a number of smaller states, all of whom were warring amongst themselves for dominance.Any man would be grateful to have such an adoring woman like this by his side.Tamil Australians, French Tamils, British Tamils, Tamil Italians, Tamil Indonesians, Tamil Canadians, Tamil Americans, Tamil South Africans, Myanmar Tamils, Tamil Mauritians, Tamil Germans, Tamil Pakistanis, Tamil Seychellois, Tamil New Zealanders, Swiss Tamils, Dutch Tamils 7% in Malaysia and 5% in Singapore.These women tend to be on the shy side and many matches are made from introductions through other family members or friends.Overall Myanmar women are very warm and care deeply about other living things. These women are simply beautiful and free thinking.

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Burmese women do have their problems with societal barriers, however they have many freedoms.

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