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It is important to bear in mind that most of these problems will not occur in a world where people do not have to fear social ostracism and persecution for being queer.Therefore, our true work is towards making a world where there is no such fear for the extortionists to feed on.If where you are at is not okay for you to be at, you can escape where you’re at and you can come out okay.There are aspects of uncertainty to it, but if you are self-assured, and you know what you want, you’re gonna land where you should be.And that’s something that you should hold onto and kind of let guide you.Many LGBT people in Indian metros and towns depend on the internet to find support groups, social lists, and partners for dating, relationships or sex.Based on his experience, either directly handling such cases of threat and extortion, or in being a confidant to people who are the receiving end of such threats, he offers some pointers that may be of help should you find yourself in such a situation: If you have cause to believe that they could harm you and you see the prudence in giving what they ask for, it is good to prioritize your safety and well-being.

So the town I’m from, Harrison, Arkansas, there’s an active KKK outside of the town.

Unfortunately, this has also been accompanied by an increase in extortion of gay and bisexual men who use sites such as Planet Romeo and Yahoo’s chat rooms [ed. Here in Chennai, as well as in other cities such as Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Delhi, there are continually increasing numbers of such instances.

A typical example goes like this: extortionist goes online with an attractive profile, and chats up an unsuspecting gay/ bisexual man.

It was that moment that I kind of I realized I wasn’t living in a very diverse, colorful, tolerant community, but that of one where there were virtually no minority representation, no people of color, no gay people. Because I had no other gay people to turn to, I was kind of seeking them out on Yahoo chat rooms.

I remember specifically one night, I was talking to someone on one of these chat rooms and I was telling them about how being where I’m from was really isolated and lonely and there was no one like me to really turn to.

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